What is the 7 Summits Bermuda Challenge?

Only 347 (as of December 2011) people have managed to climb the seven summits-the highest peak on all seven continents. John Layfield will be attempting to plant a WWE and a Bermuda flag on the top of the highest peak of every continent in an effort to raise money for kids in Bermuda through the Family Centre. This will take place over a 2 year period.

Because of World Wrestling Entertainment, 100% of the proceeds will go to the Family Centre

John's Story

Every kid has a mountain, we encourage them to climb them-step by step. We work with Bermuda's kids on a daily basis helping them realize their dreams and potential. We do our best to lead by example-I'm a 45 year old man who has had a broken back, two herniated discs and nine major surgeries but I am no different from anyone else-we all have our own problems physical or otherwise. Everybody has got rent to pay and everyone has problems, it's what you do with adversity that makes you successful. This is the message we tell kids and the message we live, and the message I want to instill in every young person we work with. This, to me, is the message of the Seven Summits Bermuda Challenge. - John Layfield-former pro football player and longest reigning WWE Champion in Smackdown TV history and currently runs Beyond Rugby Bermuda with the Family Center.

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Mount Kilimanjaro
Written by John Layfield on July 28, 2013 @ 1:11:19 PM
After training months of long training on stair steppers, 30 stories of stair to climb and hours pounding the pavement it was awesome to make it to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro! Thanks to WWE for making it happen and because of them all of money raised :: continue
Seven Summits May 2013 Update
Written by John Layfield on May 27, 2013 @ 8:13:33 AM
A lof of bad luck, thatpretty much covers my first three mountains on my way to being one of around(last numbers had it at 348) 350 people who have climbed the SevenSummits-highest mountain on each continent.My first mountain, Mt Elbrus,the highest mountain :: continue
Mt Elbrus Climb-summit day decision
Written by John Layfield on July 1, 2012 @ 5:20:59 AM
I had three goals in tryingto climb the highest mountain in Europe, 18,511 feet high Mt Elbrus.  I wanted to raise money forthe kids I work with daily in Bermuda (Beyond Rugby Bermuda), I wanted to planta WWE and Bermudian flag on the summit and I wanted :: continue

Schedule of Summits

Year 1

Mt. Elbrus | June 17-30th
Highest Mountain in Europe, located in Russia
Mt. Kiliminjaro--September. 
Highest Mountain in Africa
Mt Aconcogua--Argentina
Highest Mountain in South America

Year 2

Mt Vinson-January, Antarctica
Highest Mountain in Antarctica
Denali, Alaska
Highest Mountain in North America
Rock training for Cartensz in US Northwest, September
Mt. Catensz-October, Indonesia
Highest Mountain in Oceania

Year 3

Mt. Everest-Nepal, Spring 2014.
Highest Mountain in the World

Mountain Madness is the group that will organize trips for John.

Mt. Elbrus | First Mountain

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